Tulum, the perfect backdrop...

When I first met Kayla and Patrick, their story immediately struck me as one for the ages. High school sweethearts with a bond spanning over 13 years, their connection was not just evident, it was deeply inspiring. Their love, built on years of growing together, shone brightly as they chose to do their wedding in a way that was true to their desires, making their day genuinely perfect.

Their elopement was a standout in my career for a very special reason. As the first couple to hire me for a destination wedding, Kayla and Patrick placed immense trust in my vision. The connection we built throughout the process is something I’ll always cherish.

The setting of their love story, Dreams Resort in Tulum, played a significant role in the day's magic. The resort had a beautiful church where they honored their religion, blending tradition with the modernity of a destination wedding. The entire week was about creating lifelong memories with their closest friends and family in the scenic vistas of Tulum, not just about the wedding day.

The emotional depth at this wedding was particularly special. Witnessing the first look with Kayla's bridesmaids, who had seen the couple’s journey from high school to the altar, was incredibly touching. Equally heartwarming was Patrick's reaction during his first look with Kayla, showcasing his genuine love and adoration for her.

Capturing this destination wedding came with its unique challenges, primarily the sweltering heat of Tulum. Overcoming these elements while ensuring the couple was comfortable and still capturing beautiful moments required a delicate balance. It was a dance between embracing the elements and creating art.

Unexpected moments often make for the most memorable ones. Kayla’s mom and her friends surprised her with a rendition of her favorite song from 'Mamma Mia', adding laughter and happiness to an already joyous occasion. These spontaneous instances added a unique charm to the day.

The trust Kayla and Patrick placed in me, choosing me over local photographers, was not just an honor but a humbling experience. It motivated me to capture their day in the most authentic and beautiful way possible. This elopement challenged me creatively and professionally. The pressure to perform was high, as I was keen to continue capturing destination weddings. Finding the balance between pushing my creative boundaries and delivering what I promised was a valuable learning experience.

Capturing such raw, unfiltered love and joy is what makes my profession so fulfilling. Kayla and Patrick’s wedding wasn’t just another assignment; it was a vivid story of love, trust, and lifelong memories, set against the stunning backdrop of Tulum’s coastline.

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