Picture this...

In the heart of Argentina, Dani set off on a quest to discover herself. Armed with a backpack full of dreams and a burning desire for self-discovery, she embarked on a four to six-month adventure that would change her life forever. But hold onto your seats because fate had a plot twist up its sleeve.

On that very first night, Dani crossed paths with Manu and it was as if the universe itself conspired to script a love story. And by a stroke of pure luck, I had the incredible honor of not just witnessing but capturing a precious chapter of their journey as they promised forever in the breathtaking backdrop of South America.

What made this wedding a standout?

Well, it wasn't your cookie-cutter affair. Dani and Manu threw out the rulebook, ditching the traditional wedding playbook to craft an event that screamed "them."

Forget impressing others; they did what made them deliriously happy. They wore attire that was uniquely them, chose a location that oozed character, and reveled in the company of their nearest and dearest. It was a crash course in staying true to yourselves and reminding us all what weddings are really about – celebrating love, your way.

Now, let's talk location – the unsung hero of this love story.

Dani and Manu had visited this dreamy place before, and it was love at first sight. The town was a buzzing hub of life and love, the kind of place that makes you want to believe in magic. Warm beaches, towering mountains, friendly locals, and food that made your taste buds sing – it was the perfect backdrop for their epic love story.

As the photographer, I was privy to some tear-jerking moments. One highlight? The families meeting for the first time. It was like a heartwarming movie scene, where two worlds collided in the name of love. And then there was Manu's mom, an opera superstar in Argentina, belting out a soul-stirring love song in Spanish during the reception. Cue the waterworks!

but My connection with Dani and Manu was more than just photographer and couple.

It was about sharing their journey! Even when COVID-19 played spoilsport, shifting their wedding from Lake Tahoe, California, to Mexico, I was there, camera in hand, ready to capture their love story wherever it unfolded.

Despite the scenic beauty, photographing a wedding on a boat in unfamiliar territory came with its fair share of challenges. From lighting to unexpected turns of events, like having to take a “water taxi” to the reception boat, every moment was a surprise.

The experience was not just a creative challenge but also a phenomenal opportunity for growth. It was a test of my ability to navigate unfamiliar environments, unpredictable situations, and still ensure I captured the essence of their day.

In a nutshell...

This wedding was a warm, genuine, authentic, and love-filled rollercoaster. It was a reminder that when you stay true to yourselves, love has a way of shining through.

Dani and Manu's love story left us all believing in fairytales – the kind that are written with genuine smiles, happy tears, and the unspoken promise of forever.

See more of dani and Manu's adventure below

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